Religious Ed Changes

July 24th, 2017 by Church News

Religious Education Classes​​Dear Parents of our Religious Education
Program,​For your convenience, we are looking into the possibility of changing
the days/times when our Religious Education classes will meet. Currently, the
classes are held on Saturday mornings at Dag. A number of parents have told me
how difficult/inconvenient the Saturday morning classes are for them.Our
intention would be to hold all classes in the church either during the week
(late-afternoon and evening), and a few classes on Saturday mornings. This would
mean various times for various classes.​At your earliest convenience, please
respond to this email stating whether or not you would welcome this change. I
truly value your input. Thank you for your assistance and guidance.​As
ever,​Fr. Georgia​​​_______ = Our family prefers classes to be held
during the week with a few classes on Saturday mornings. ​Reason:
__________________________________________________​​_______ = Our family
prefers classes y=to be held as they are currently scheduled on Saturday

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