Merry Christmas

December 24th, 2017 by Church News

How could anyone have known? Who would of guessed it? That the Almighty, Eternal
God would quietly come into the world as a fragile, helpless baby. The miracle
of Christmas is that God chose to be with us in Jesus Christ. Here begins the
greatest story ever told. There is nothing more that God could say or do to show
His all-encompassing love for us. We may over-romanticize the stable where Jesus
was born, but it shows God’s infinite courtesy towards all people. Jesus was
born in a earthy, raw, smelly stable, not a temple or palace. Being born in such
a place is God’s way of showing that Christ comes to us in all sorts of human
conditions-earthy, smelly, broken or accomplished. No one is excluded from the
loving embrace of God. As we celebrate this miracle of God’s unconditional
love, may your hearts and homes be filled with joy, peace and laughter.
Remember, God does have a sense of humor. This is the season of giving and
sharing. Please accept my sincere gratitude for all that you have done for me
and for our parish during this past year. Your response and your continued
support to our Capital Campaign, ”Gathered in Faith….Building our Dream”
has been exemplary. Your gift is a real expression of your faith and your love
of Church of the Resurrection. If you have yet to participate, please consider
doing so, that our dream may become a reality. Our parish family has continued
to grow. We are so happy to welcome new individuals and families to our parish.
I hope all will find a warm and happy spiritual home here at Church of the
Resurrection. May all of us be blessed during this joyous time of the year. May
we acknowledge with gratitude our Heavenly Father’s incomparable gift to
us-His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas! Fr. John J. Georgia

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