Happy Easter

March 31st, 2018 by Church News

Dear Parishioners,Each year as we celebrate this great feast, we prayerfully
recall Christ’s victory over sin and death. As we relive the final events in
the life of Christ, we cannot help but be reminded of how magnificent God’s
love is for us.As Christians, we must do more than simply remember all that
Christ endured and won for us. We are Easter people. We are called to fashion
our lives after his own Passion, Death and Resurrection. Therein, lies the
challenge for each of us. If we simply think of Easter as something that
happened two thousand years ago, and leave it at that, then we are missing the
true meaning of this great day. We are called to live the mystery of Easter
every day of our lives. We must continue to write the ongoing story of the Risen
Jesus to a broken, hurting, sinful world by the way we live and love.Practically
speaking, when we live the new life of the Resurrection we become the best
version of ourselves. We become what St. Augustine referred to as Easter people.
We become a people transformed into disciples and stewards who are committed to
giving our lives in service to others.I ask you to pray that the peace of the
risen Christ may come to the world and to our country and to the hearts of all
the people.Easter is also a time to reflect and recognize the miracles God has
brought into our lives. May you experience the greatest miracle of all–His
eternal love.May the love of Jesus be a powerful source of happiness in all our
lives.Happy Easter to all!!!Fr. Georgia

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