Happy Easter

Dear Parishioners,The Lord is Risen! Alleluia!!I wish all of you a very happy
and blessed Easter!!Today we celebrate the greatest of all feasts in the church,
the Resurrection of Christ. Today’s feast fills us with joy, peace, laughter,
and hope. Do you know that in some Eastern Rite churches the people in the
congregation will stand and tell jokes? They do this because God has pulled the
greatest joke on Satan by raising Jesus from the dead. Easter means that our
greatest enemy, death, has been conquered, our sins are forgiven, and we are
made right with God. It means love is stronger than deathFor us Christians,
Easter means that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead now works in
us. This power enables us to carry on the work of Christ. We are to be the mind,
heart, hands, face and feet of Jesus proclaiming his message of love by the way
we live.Yes, Easter means the poor in spirit will possess the kingdom of heaven,
the mourners will be comforted, the meek will inherit the earth, the merciful
will find mercy and the pure of heart will see God.Let us pray that the Spirit
of the Risen Christ may touch the hearts of all world leaders and peace may come
to the troubled, war-torn areas. May His comfort and strength be given to all
who suffer from the devastation wrought by war. May all find true peace and live
in peace!!!As Ever,Msgr. John Georgia​​​​Happy Easter​​