Merry Christmas

Dear Friends,Christmas is a magical time. It is a time for stories, a time for
remembering. Winston Churchill once said, “Christmas is a season not only to
rejoice but to reflect.”The time-told story of the birth of Jesus is an
amazing story. It is so beautiful in its simplicity that we sometimes forget how
difficult that “Holy Night” was for Mary and Joseph.The Holy Family was worn
out by travel across a barren and harsh landscape. They sought refuge in an inn
at Bethlehem. Imagine their disappointment when they were told there were no
vacancies! The stable was not an ideal setting for the birth of any child; this
was no special child. Yet, they never lost hope. They trusted that God would
provide for them.Today, there are many people whose travels through life have
left them worn out. There have been months of difficulty on so many levels for
so many people. We are sensitive to your grief and loss. The pandemic has
interrupted our lives and has been hard on us all. Still Christ continues to be
our hope and joy.I thank all of you for the countless acts of kindness and hope
you have offered to our parish during the year. Your generosity, care and love
for others has been so evident. You have been like Christ, a light of hope for
others.May God bless all of you with joy, peace and love during this sacred time
of the year.Merry Christmas!Msgr. John Georgia